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Decalogue of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • It is the only natural olive oil which is produced by an exclusively mechanical process.
  • It is rich in vitamins: E, A and D.
  • It is healthier and easier to digest than alternatives.
  • As a natural product it is healthy, nutritious and fat free.
  • Quality olive oil can be reused on a number of occasions thus giving you better value for your money.
  • It enhances the flavour of sauces, salads and stews.
  • As it is able to reach temperatures above 180 degrees, extra virgin olive oil fries better than other oils.
  • As it contains oleic acid it is beneficial for bone growth and the development of the brain and nervous system.
  • It does not contain cholesterol and is great for cardiovascular and circulatory diseases.
  • It is good for the skin, because it provides vitamin E in the diet.