marca Aceites Medel

rama con aceitunas verdes

Almost all the olives delivered come from the local villages of Poyales del Hoyo and Candeleda. The olives selected are of the Manzanilla variety, known as the cacereña, which is characterized by small or medium sized leaves, green on the top and gray-green on the underside. This yellow-green olive oil has a fruity and sweet flavor.

The Cornicabra olive is a high production variety that yields a higher density oil with a slightly bitter taste at first and a spicy flavour at the end.

The fruit is medium sized, oval shaped and at maturity weighs approximately 3.1 grams. The pulp has a high oleic acid content which gives the oil a great purity and quality. The olives are best gathered just prior to maturity in order to obtain their best properties.